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11.18.20 & 11.19.20



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If you thought last year was motivating, wait until you see what's in store for 2020.  Featuring a theme of Dream It. Build It. Launch It., the Wilkes-Barre Connect Conference will demonstrate the power of our creative and innovative spirit in Northeastern PA.  We want our attendees to grow both personally and professionally from the conference content, become more educated on the tremendous innovation and creativity in Northeast PA, and have an opportunity to participate in community-centric workshops to solve social and economic challenges in our region.  With that being said, we now turn to you.  We want speakers who can motivate and inspire our attendees...individuals or groups that are making change in the Academic, Business, or Community Fields.  And we need you to submit challenges that can be under consideration for launch during the conference - maybe its a challenge about addressing education access, poverty rates, or transportation.  Get Creative!  Click on the links below and help us create our 2020 conference!


Connect Further is a video series featuring national thought leaders, industry experts, and change agents discussing the post Covid-19 economic and social landscape. These discussions will shape our recovery efforts, define our new norm, and establish the importance of coming together as a community to solve our most pressing social and economic issues - setting us up for a truly epic conference in November.  

Episode 1:  Kim Kaupe, The Superfan Company

GRAPHIC - Kim Kaupe - 5-13-20.jpg

Episode 2:  Cat Lindroth, Social Contract

GRAPHIC - Cat Lindroth - 5-27-20.jpg

Episode 3: Josh Miles, Speaker/Author/Podcaster

GRAPHIC - Josh Miles - 6-10-20.jpg

Episode 4:  Cass Bailey, Slice Communications

Cass Bailey - Connect Further - UPDATED

Episode 5:  Ced Funches,

Ced Funches - Connect Further.jpg

2019 RECAP

The three-day event showcased the transformation of Northeastern Pennsylvania, into a hub of innovation, relying on creative storytelling and presentations from the region’s best students, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and young professionals shaping our region. Check out a video produced by DiscoverNEPA that highlights some of the early action from Day One of the Conference.

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